About Us

We are a Locally Owned and operated Property Management firm operated by Licensed REALTORS whose niche and passion is Property Management.

512 Society manages residential homes throughout the greater Austin vicinity.

512 Society prides itself on our more “new age-office” Our investors and tenants enjoy the ease of our online system. Residents and property owners are able to log in online from anywhere, anytime to see their online statement, lease documents, work order history and make simple requests!

Meet The Team


I was born and raised in Graham, Texas a Mayberry type of town. Where everyone knew everyone and you could buy anything on a “Tab”. Her mother & father founded and operated Bullock’s café which they owned for 48 years. Glenda and her sisters grew up in the café. Glenda was the “Dennis the Menace” of her town. She would be found pouring bubble mix into the town water fountain, sneaking into the drive in movie theater, and & even tried to sell old newspapers on an old soap box one sheet at a time. Glenda’s Cousin wrote a published book (Glenda & the Pink Fizz by Donna Bullock ) after the largest fiasco she caused on the roof of her parents café where she painted the roof with soap and food coloring. As you can imagine, when the next rain came through town it was reported that a pink bubble-like foam was coming from Bullocks Café down to the square.

One of Glenda’s childhood memories was her first stint in real estate “I tell people I sold my first house at 6 years old. I walked up to Mrs. Stovall’s house (I heard may be up for sale). I asked that she show me around so I could tell my parents (that were looking – which wasn’t the truth) all about the place. Mrs. Stovall kindly obliged and of course called my mother right after the tour was over. Yes, I got in trouble”!

JESSICA DUNCAN Director of Property Management, Broker

Born in Graham, Texas I am a Native Texan. My Mother and I were a dynamic duo and moved to different cities and a state until calling Austin Home in 2000.

My mother was always in Real Estate and has had her license since 1988. I learned the business by a “Monkey See, Monkey Do” approach. I would overhear what she said and would do the same when helping her with transactions.

After a long stint in the Insurance industry as a Licensed Property & Casualty agent I decided I wanted a change, a new career unlike anything I had done before. Knowing that my mother was in Real Estate I reached out to her and began working as a Marketing Director for a Property Management firm in Round Rock.

In 2005 at the ripe old age of 21 years old I decided to branch out on my own, develop a Management firm and that is exactly what I did. I asked my mom to Quit her job, and trust that we could build a company that would service investors and build our firm with one strong component which was Integrity. Like any mom would do (ha!) she said Let’s do it and ever since July 2005 that is exactly what we have done.

LORAN DUNCAN Director of Asset Management, REALTOR

Loran grew up in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State. Once Loran moved to the Seattle Area in 2001 he was looking for a career and found himself enrolled in Diver Institute of Technology studying Commercial Diving.

Out of his 15 year career the most memorable Dive experience was working on the Capsized Cruise Liner off the Coast of Italy “The Costa Concordia” with his 2 Brothers. Loran was one of the specialized divers hired to help a team of Engineers figure out how to remove the Concordia from the shore. Loran attributes his knowledge in Maintenance Management from growing up in the mountains and watching his dad build and fix things around the property.

He also learned more than he could have bargained for during his commercial diving career where working out logistical strategies was a normal day at the office aka “Under the Sea”. He had to problem solve, be his own best critic and boss and be extremely cautious of his surroundings and craft.

In 2012 Loran met his wife whom introduced him to the world of Real Estate and instantly he was hooked. Loran truly enjoys Homes. In 2015 Loran took on the task of a full house remodel. It was a 3200 sqft house built in 1978 that was taken to its studs and redesigned and rebuilt by his two hands and help of many tradesmen. The home was bought for $350’000 and sold for $545’000! He knows design and remodeling!

LAUREN ANDREWS Director of Accounting, REALTOR

Lauren was Born in Marshall, Texas, a small town in the states Eastern Corner bordering Louisiana. When Lauren was the ripe old age of 18 (fresh outta High Highschool), she decided to embark on a cross country tour up the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) alone in her ‘87 Chevy Nova. It was then that she made the decision she wanted to follow in her family’s footsteps and Join the Armed Forces as an Air Force private. While in the Air Force Lauren was placed in the “Services” sector in Lodging. This is where her Real Estate & Housing experiences began to develop and strengthen. Serving in Kuwait and Bahrain she oversaw placing soldiers in Barracks, fitness programs and moral services for all soldiers on the base.

Once becoming a civilian again Lauren knew Hospitality and Real Estate were her “calling” and over the next few years she worked within the apartment industry and in 2018 Lauren came to the 512-Society Team. She passed her Texas Real estate exam and began her new career in the Residential Property Management industry.

Lauren now holds the Director of Accounting seat and is found helping Clients & Residents with statements, all things money and watching the accounts for all portfolios and our vendors. Since Lauren is a Licensed Realtor, she spends her breaks showing homes to potential new residents and clients alike. This mom of 2 is our energizer bunny – “going, going, going”

CAROLINA LUNA Housekeeping Tech

Carolina was born in Mexico City, and arrived to Chicago Illinois in 1989. I graduated high school and after graduation I started working at a dental lab, and that is where I met my husband. Later we became parents to 4 beautiful kids.

In 2006, we moved to Austin, Texas for a better life and education for the four kids. It has been very heartwarming watching them grow, and watch them create new lives of their own.

In 2017 I became a grandmother to the sweetest baby boy, and it has been one of the best moments in my life!! I love spending time with my family, cooking delicious food, and love having conversations with them that can last for hours!

Picture of ART STANARD
ART STANARD Maintenance Tech

Born in San Antonio Texas & later moved to Irving Texas in 1965. Art began his 35-year career with IBM as an Office Equipment Service Tech. In 1976, he transferred down to the Austin area and has been here ever since. “Austin has drastically changed in the past 35 years, but I still know all the unheard of Backroads that keeps me avoiding all the Traffic”! Fishing alongside with his Trusted Sidekick Rusty (a Toy Poodle) at the Gulf coast area is where you can find him when he gets any time off.

In 2009, Art began his position with 512-Society as the Lead Maintenance Tech. You will often see him at the properties fixing any problem tenants file a request to fix. Art’s favorite quote is from the Good Book “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord”.

Picture of Keith Duncan Sr.
Keith “Duncan” Sr. Maintenance Tech
Picture of Omar Castillo
Omar Castillo Maintenance Tech
Picture of Monette Steinert
Monette Steinert Service Representative

Born in Corpus Christi TX, Monette grew up on Monette Drive in this beach community. Still to this day you can find her taking her favorite vacations down to the Texas coast city for Memories and time for Relaxation. Monette is married and has 2 sons who still reside here in Texas - not too far from home.

After college Monette and her best friend felt a feather of freedom and decide to go to Wyoming to begin their teaching careers. There is where Monette met her Husband an Air Force airmen. Monette was an Elementary and Special Education Teacher for more than 30 years before joining the 512-Society Team.

Monette became a great friend to Glenda after Glenda sold her house in Round Rock. Monette is currently debating the idea of becoming a REALTOR herself as she loves all things real estate.