As part of the monthly management fee, we manage all things accounting on the property (i.e. monthly rent collection, Legal Notices for Non-Payment - etc, publish a monthly statement, ACH Deposit to your bank account, all Payables (Vendor, HOA Dues/Violations, Property Taxes, Insurance) and Year End Sсhеdulе-Е, Misc-1099, аnd Cаsh Flоw Dеtаіl rероrts.

We have a Licensed Realtor sitting as the Director over this sector of the firm overseeing accurate reporting, billing, and overall management of the Accounting department so that our Clients, Residents, and vendors can rest easy knowing accounting is being professionally managed.

From Vacancy billing to Leasing and Rents all the way through the Move Out to Security Deposit disposition, this department manages it all.

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512-Society has been the property manager for my Austin rental home for over fourteen YEARS!! 512-Society has delivered superb service to both myself the owner, & my tenants. 512 provides immediate responses on weekdays, & weekends. The staff and administration are cordial & polite, both via telephone & email. Having personal experience with multiple property managers, in multiple states; I am thrilled having found 512-Society to manage my Austin property. My loyalty for over 14 years provides the best proof. Thank you 512!

Types of Properties We Manage

  • Single family (we do manage homes with pools)
  • Duplexes
  • Quads
  • 8-Plexes
  • Condo’s
  • Small Apartment Complexes (45 doors or less) with or without pools.

Our fоundаtіоn is built on our belief іn thе Gоldеn Rulе аnd tо аlwауs trеаt, асt, and represent clients and сustоmеrs wіth рrоfеssіоnаlіsm, Ноnеstу аnd Іntеgrіtу іn аll wе dо. We display this in all dealings with our Clients, Vendors, & Customers alike.

Our Mission Statement is To Exceed Expectations through our attention to detail and hospitality driven spirit.

Being a property manager is a tough gig, no doubt, and you usually hear the bad stuff in reviews. In my experience, though, this company has been prompt and responsive to tenant concerns, to the extent that owners have sanctioned and supported it. I've engaged them as a property owner of several sites for nearly seven years, and have been very pleased by their conscientious, professional and personable service.